“I’m so thankful that Mr. Dan has taught me how to paint. I know the more I practice art, the better I will get, but I am excited about what I have been able to paint so far!”
– Willow, age 11

“Dan Klepper is such a talented artist and teacher. I have been amazed at what my children have been able to paint. They have really understood the teaching instructions and are developing great skills in art at such a young age. As a parent, you also want to expose your children to positive role models; Dan Klepper is just that kind of individual. He truly cares about the student and is so encouraging through the whole process. I am so thankful for these art lessons!”
– Jessica, mother

“Mr. Dan has taught me a lot about art, he explains things very well.  Learning from Mr. Dan is easy and fun.   I have a lot of fun in Mr. Dan’s art class.  I get to enjoy the art of painting and drawing from a very talented teacher.”


“I improved under his great teaching.”                                                                              River, age 11

“Dan has certainly improved my painting and he is a fabulous, and fun teacher.”

Nahum, age 14

“Dan’s beautiful paintings inspired me to do the same.”                                               Aravis, Age 11

“Dan is a great teacher and has taught me so much in less than a year!”
Ella, Age 10